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Is business breaking you? 

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At Hot and Healthy in Business, we chose to support small business because we are small business.  We don’t believe small business means small impact or small vision.  We believe that small business and supporting women in small business will make stronger communities, richer economies and make the world a better place.

The 3 pillars to sustainable success for women in small business is being supported – emotionally through a community of like-minded women, through taking care of their mind and body – making it a priority and commitment to continuous self-care and having the business skills necessary to run, create and grow a small business.

Now is your time to shine 


Get affordable critical business skills in our Academy.  Relevant, practical content and tools as well as information on mindset, mental health, food & fitness. 


Our Catchup & Connect monthly meetings provide emotional support, problem-solving, collaboration & connections with other like-minded women in small business.


Through our online global directory do business with other women anywhere in the world.  Connect to get ideas, information, inspiration and make your business visible.

Nicole’s story

Founder and CEO, Nicole van Hattem knows only too well what it’s like to burn out, after spending over 20 years in the corporate world achieving exceptional results, an international career with high accolades – she was fat, sick and successful. After going on a retreat to breathe, she returned with a different perspective on how she was striving for success.

Nicole retrained as a holistic health coach and started her international practice.

Through her experiences and facing her fourth burnout, she chose to make big decisions to change her life permanently. She was able to identify that the 3 key pillars to sustainable success were business, mind, and body and set about creating the structures and systems to set her own life up that way and teach others how to do it as well. A how-to guide to set yourself up for success. Changing the conversation around what makes us truly happy and how we use business to create lives that support happiness both personally in families, communities and worldwide.

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The juggle struggle is real

Now is the time to determine your definition of success

Join our Academy

The Hot & Healthy Academy offers Affordable Business Skills, relevant and practical content, tools and information on Mindset, Mental Health, Food and Fitness.


Having overcome burnout several times myself, I combine three decades of business experience with professional health coaching qualifications, to guide you through expert strategies that will help you build resilience, avoid burnout and enjoy greater success with less stress.

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Brought to you by Nicole van Hattem, considered Australia’s leader in anti-burnout and personal sustainability strategies for female business owners, Nicole is the CEO & Founder of Hot & Healthy, the fastest growing support network for women in small business – a 3 x #1 bestselling author and TEDx Speaker.

Women in Business Accountability Session

Let go of anxiety and stay on track with your goals. This is a power session – we review your goals, what’s working, where the speed bumps and roadblocks are appearing and identify the business, mind and body strategies necessary to move you forward with ease. Includes worksheet, and 30 and 90 day goals and actions.

Suitable for Women in Business who are ready to take clear, supported steps towards their vision for their business and life without the overwhelm and with expert guidance. Sessions are held over Zoom and recorded.

Women in Business Success Strategy

You have a lot of ideas, you are passionate and you are determined to succeed. You also need a clear and easy roadmap to making your business dreams come true that doesn’t include hustle and striving until you burnout.

This session takes a holistic view and helps you get clear on your vision for your business and life, the actions you need to take to align with your vision and move forward with ease. You come away with clarity (possibly more than a few aha moments), worksheets, 30 and 90 day goals and actions and a documented, personalised roadmap to success. Session is held over Zoom.

Women in Business 3 month Power up Pack

Are you striving and hustling trying to achieve your goals and wish you could have more ease and flow in attracting success? Do you wish you had more time or energy? Do you long for success with less stress, anxiety or overwhelm?

It’s time to get connected to your inner power source and shine! Includes: 3 hour deep dive session PLUS 10 x 45 minute 1:1 accountability sessions. Personalised definition of success, roadmap to your success, 30 and 90 day goals and actions, daily rituals and habits to set you up for sustainable success in business and life, worksheets, video and audio resources.

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