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Because learning to run a small business and juggling life’s many priorities as a woman is tough! You need the right advice from experts who know how to make the juggle struggle work, and  training that won’t cost you a fortune in time or money, and you need it NOW!

Hot & Healthy Academy offers practical, realistic and affordable business skills training and holistic coaching, delivered online by qualified trainers and coaches who have lived experience of running a small business and balancing work-life.

We understand your struggles and know what you need because we’ve been where you are!

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Access to over a dozen qualified trainers, coaches and mentors who will equip you with everything you need to start, run and grow a small business without burning out, so you can THRIVE!


  • Live group coaching calls – twice a month!

  • Essential Small Business courses (Legals, Finance, Business Planning, Marketing, Sales, Websites and SEO, Social Media, Branding, Goal Setting and Time Management, and much more) 

  • Mindset training programs

  • Fitness and Nutrition modules

  • Worksheets, templates and check lists

  • Exclusive Members Only online support group

  • No-lock-in contracts – pay a low monthly fee*

  • 15% Members Only discounts to events and retreats




We believe that women running profitable small businesses and living healthier lives, make more stable communities, richer economies and the world a better place.

We believe in you!

Our 3 pillars to hot and healthy success:

1. support – surround yourself with a community of like-minded people, mentors and experts

2. skills – practical, realistic, professional and personal development that empowers you to achieve financial and personal fulfilment

3. sustainability – prioritising and committing to regular self-care, nourishing and energising your mind and body holistically so you can enjoy long term success


Nicole van Hattem CHHC

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Meet Our Faculty


Our qualified trainers, coaches and mentors are small business owners just like you, and know first hand the challenges of being in small business. 

Our Faculty team have real world experience and offer practical advice and training on how to Start, Run and Grow a business in a way that reduces stress, avoids burnout and leads to lasting success.

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Nicole van Hattem CHHC

Business Advisor & Wellbeing Consultant


Craig Scott

Craig Scott

Mindset & Mental Health Coach

Renee Bailey

Renee Bailey


Katrina Puranik

Katrina Puranik

Digital Business Coach

Amanda Lowry

Amanda Lowry

Branding Strategist

Brittany Baldwin

Brittany Baldwin

Sales & Marketing Coach

Helen Gaffney

Helen Gaffney

Accountant & Finance Coach

Krystle Divertie

Krystle Divertie

Smart Systems Coach

Kay Ridge

Kay Ridge

Social Media Coach

Shalini Nandan-Singh

Shalini Nandan-Singh

Lawyer & Mentor

David Letizia

David Letizia

CRM & Automation

Carly Reading

Carly Reading

Virtual Business Coach

Elizabeth Zeilinski

Elizabeth Zeilinski

Personal Style Coach

Claire Mas

Claire Mas

Wellness Coach

Michelle Fragar

Michelle Fragar

Brand Coach

Deirdre Bryson

Deirdre Bryson

Grants Writing Coach




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About Carly Reading

Virtual Systems Coach

Carly’s a dedicated virtual assistant, a super organised business owner, a qualified JP, and a big believer in freeing the cubicle monkeys. Treating your businesses like her own, Carly’s focus is to give you more of what matters to you and to help you find what that means to youFrom all general admin tasks, like email management and invoicing, through to cleaning up leaky sales funnels to keep money in your business, your success is Carly’s end goal.  

With over 14 years’ experience working in administration roles, Carly started InkBlotVA in early 2019. In the words of the swoon-worthy Mr Darcy, Carly says she was ‘in the middle before I knew I had begun’. The rapid growth of her business proves her dedication and natural business know-how when it comes to getting the job done. Clients love her integrity, her sense of humour and her flexible approach when it comes to looking after their business.  

When Carly’s not helping her clients run their businesses, you’ll find her wishing for doughnuts, learning how to speak Dutch, reading a book in her home library and pondering why the ends of her toes look like frog suckers!  


About Elizabeth Zielinski

Stylist & Designer

Style is a way of expressing oneself without speaking a word. 

 We often consider style & design in business, and give great attention to detail when establishing our Brand, ensuring website, logos, colour and messaging instil a positive emotion with the service we are offering. And yet, often we forget, that we the people within our business are the unique selling proposition. And the trust begins with the first impression we create with our clients.

Style & Design instil powerful emotions, we may not be consciously aware of it, but it influences us and our market greatly.  When you take a moment to reflect, I am sure you will recall times design had moved you. Considering first impressions are made within a tenth of a second, wonly get one chance to make a first impression. I invite you to a free 20-minute discovery consultation to ensure you and your brand are connected, have a presence and are visible.  With her background in Marketing Management (Griffith University), Diploma of Applied Fashion Design & Technology (Sydney Technical College) Interior Design & Professional Styling Academy (Melbourne). Elizabeth delivers carefully personalized, styling and design consultations for all your styling needs.  

Elizabeth has collaborated on events for FashFest Canberra – unique runway shows for local and international fashion, arts and cultural talent. Red Carpet, Teen Choice Awards, Las Angeles. She is also a regular expert contributor to business groups editorials.   With over 30 years’ experience, Elizabeth ensures she creates a wonderful experience, providing her clients with a new-found sense of freedom and knowledge. Her carefully designed process provide you with Styling Services best suited to you, and your lifestyle requirements be it Interior Design, Personal Styling or for Professional Styling. 



About Claire Mas

Fitness Coach

With a Personal Trainer (PTAG), Group Fitness Instructor (FIA) and double-degrees in Psychology and Management. Claire brings a holistic approach to understanding the needs, wants, goals, abilities and health history of her clients, to ensure positive results are reached in the most effective and sustainable way.


About David Letizia

CRM & Automation

David Letizia established Your Business Optimised in 2014 after a long career in engineering design and construction.
One thing that amazed me about small business owners was that many seemed to spend most of their time looking for leads and prospects, rather than concentrating on their existing customers. They were missing a big opportunity to do repeat business with them or finding new ways to solve their latest problems. Some did not even track who bought what and when, or who were their best customers. How did they know who to target without this?
Another thing that seemed to be missing from most businesses was a database with the contact details of all leads and prospects, a way of recording interactions, and where these leads are in their buying journey.
Both of these key aspects of business can be implemented using a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) System and integrating it with the businesses Invoicing or Accounting system (for customers) and with social media, websites, call centres, forms, sign-ups, events and shop fronts (for leads).
So that is what we build for the businesses we work with. We help them create a database and at least 2 long term marketing campaigns. One for Customers and one for leads (or non-customers). We also set up segmentation and track activities or responses to email and other marketing, so we can use this data to make marketing, sales and other business decisions.
Once this marketing system is set up, the business owner can then look at new lead generation processes, including lead magnets, competitions. We usually use paid Facebook and Google ads to drive more leads into a working process, that captures everyone’s details for nurturing, education and conversion.
We also look at ways to increase repeat sales to existing customers with new products and services, and some of these new offers can be delivered by joint ventures and partnerships with other businesses.


About Amanda Lowry

Branding Strategist

It's important to first understand what BRANDING is.

A 'brand' is an expectation people have of your business. We often confuse or dilute 'brand' with a logo. A logo is not a brand, it is simply the symbol that identifies the substance of the brand that is behind it. If your business does not have this brand substance you simply just have a logo.

Brands are built on a series of components that inhabit everything that you do, from your product, service, marketing, relationships, communications. Everything.

It is often hard for you, the business owner to remove yourself enough from what you do, to see the bigger picture, and to set a brand foundation that is unbias to your personal preferences.

If you truly wish to build a successful brand, then focus on substance as well as your visual representation. Get clear on who you are and why you exist. Allow the mission, vision, and values to feed everything that you do both internally and externally.

Remember, brands take time, the investment in time and money now will pay dividends in the future.

If you find you need help building the foundations of the brand, drop us a line here. This is why we exist, to help you reach your potential for success.

Amanda has worked within the branding world for just over 10 years working with small startups to re-positioning high turnover companies.

From her early days as a Graphic Designer, Amanda knew there was more to just designing a logo and so, devoted her lifes work to understanding, building, and growing successful brands, ones that had substance, ambition, and a desire to make real change happen.

After running and operating her own successful Brand Agency for 8 years, Amanda has recently moved into an executive role leading the creative team at MFL Creative where she now works with small to medium-sized business owners to establish, understand, and grow their brands.

Stemming from a design background, Amanda possesses the ability to establish strong Brand Strategy and along with her team, translating this into strong visual pieces of communication i.e logos.

With a strong passion for problem-solving, people, and brand, she now seeks to share her knowledge and enthusiasm for building sustainable brands that make a difference.

She is an ad-hoc advisor for ASBAS, Brand Consultant and Board Member for Accessibili-t, Brand Consultant for Advancing Women in Business (AWIB) and Business Mentor in branding for Hot & Healthy.


About Nicole Van Hattem

Founder & Success Coach

“Business should build you not break you!”

A leader in the field of anti-burnout and personal sustainability strategies for female business owners, Nicole’s coaching, courses and training programs, have given thousands of women the confidence and skills to shine and the tools to create sustainable success in business and life.

Nicole founded the Hot & Healthy Academy to help women achieve success in business without burning out.

After experiencing burnout as an executive in her international corporate career, and the death of a colleague from a stress-related health condition, Nicole retrained as a coach and in 2010 began her mission to end Death-by-Desk - an epidemic of burnout.

Nicole specialises in cognitive and behavioural change initiatives that reduce stress, build health in mind and body while increasing high-achiever performance and sustainability.

A regular in the media on topics related to building resilience, work-life-stress, and redefining success, Nicole has been featured live on TV in front of over 50 million viewers, on the cover of Holistic Bliss, in Woman Today, and a wealth of online publications.

An engaging and sought after speaker, Nicole has spoken for TEDx, Australian Institute of Management, Queensland Government, and a range of industry organisations and conferences across the globe.

In addition to coaching high achievers to success in business and life, Nicole has been appointed as an Advisor for the Australian Small Business Advisory Service, a Federally-funded business advisory service.

  • → 10+yrs Small Business Owner, Master NLP Practitioner & Coach, Certified Integrative Nutrition Coach
  • → TEDx Speaker, 3x #1 Bestselling Author
  • → 20yrs in corporate senior roles in Australia and overseas. Studied Foreign Affairs & Trade at Deakin University and Human Resources & Organisational Development at Southern Cross University.


About Craig Scott

Mindset & Mental Health Coach


"Success! What is it? What Defines it?

Success is a state of mind.

Whether you feel successful or not is determined by what your beliefs about success are.

Most of us have never taken the time to even investigate what our definition of success is!

When we do, we often find they are not even our own definitions, but just our expectations, given to us from societal, parental and environmental conditioning.

And yet, we let these conditioned beliefs determine how we feel about ourselves and life.

Take the time to have a look at this you might be surprised by what you find.

If your not sure how to do this drop us a line here and we can work it out together"

With nearly 20 years in the field of health and wellbeing, Craig Scott studied Naturopathy and has a degree in Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture and Oriental Psychology with a passion for the scientific approach to investigation and inquiry.

For 10 years Craig worked in a health retreat on the Sunshine Coast, Qld which focused on the treatment of clients with stress, anxiety and depression as well as drug and alcohol addiction, whereas the Senior Coach, and Coach Trainer he helped write the Coaching Programs and Training Programs and is a qualified Master NLP Practitioner.

Currently working in mental health dealing with Autism, intellectual disability and schizophrenia, whilst studying for his second degree in Psychological Sciences at Deakin University, proud father of two Craig is also writing his first book "a Dose of my own Medicine" as a health and wellbeing "how-to" guide to inspire others on their journey.


About Renee Bailey



“There is no one big thing that gives you instant better health! Little choices made, each minute of each day, all added up to a healthy cycle of life!”

Health is not a goal; it is a lifelong journey.

Whether you feel healthy or not is determined by what you do daily, every decision is either moving you towards health or away from health.

Most of us have been looking for a quick fix, something you can do once and get instant results. That is not what health is, it is small decisions, made often, over the long term that make a massive difference.

If you’re not sure where to start, I am happy to walk beside you and guide you on your journey."

Renee has over 15 years’ experience in health and wellbeing and is completing a Bachelor of Health Science (Clinical Nutrition), has worked for 3 years as a counsellor with Lifeline Australia and is the co-owner of The Ashgrove Spinal Centre, a chiropractic health clinic in Brisbane, for 15 years.

Renee is also the owner and founder of Homegrown – Gourmet, Harvest, Gardens and she wants to change the way we, grow, shop, cook and think about food, health and wellness.

She is a qualified Permaculture Design Consultant, self-taught cook, sustainable food advocate and entrepreneur. Renee is passionate about you and how you interact and connect with your food and the environment, she wants to provide the tools and empower you to take control of your health and wellbeing for life!

Renee is a regular expert contributor to magazines and business groups and sits on various boards including: Edmund Rice Education, Northey Street City Farm, Permaculture Australia, and The Australian Cricket Society (as Secretary).


About Helen Gaffney

Business Financial Literacy Coach

CPA qualified, management accountant and small business advisor with over 30 years of experience, Helen Gaffney of Outside the Box Accounting Solutions knows all too well how difficult it can be to face your fears, make sense of the rapidly changing situation, focus and take action on what really matters to survive personally and in business during a time of crisis.

During the Queensland floods in 2011, Helen and her husband suffered the sudden loss of their custom made Camper Trailer business and were left with more than half a million dollars in debt.

Fast forward to today and Helen works as an advisor to small business owners to help them quickly make the shift in mindset, and take action in their finances where it matters the most to survival and strong recovery.


About Katrina Puranik

Digital Business Coach & Trainer

Starting her career as a qualified school teacher working throughout high schools in South-East Queensland, it was a group of students who challenged her to get creative and have some fun with the curriculum that eventually lead to an invite to an IT conference for High School Teachers facilitated by University of NSW and Google.

With her eyes opened to a new world of possibilities for her in IT, Katrina went back to university, and pursued a career in Google.

Wanting more freedom of time with her family, and to choose her own hours, Katrina started her own company in 2016, and specialised in Website Design and Digital Marketing Services for Businesses.

Katrina and her team at Ranking Australia are passionate about helping small business owners increase their web presence, using digital strategy, incorporating a vast number of tools and techniques for website design, SEO, SEM, Social Media Management.

Katrina facilitates webinars, one-on-one digital training and support with a central focus around creating a strategic approach that promotes awareness, growth, and success.


About Kay Ridge

Social Media Coach

Kay Ridge is the Creator and Solution Solver of  Dash-Social, a business created from a passion for blending social media and the love of assisting businesses to achieve maximum exposure through social media.

Kays preferred social media platform is LinkedIn as she believes now and in the future, LinkedIn is the platform for B2B and B2C marketing and sales. Social media is about creating connections and formulating marketing strategies.

Kay typically works with small business, and shares her knowledge of social media in:-

  • Communications Strategy
  • Marketing Strategy, Content Objectives, Marketing Objectives, Mission Statements
  • Content Strategy
  • E-mail Marketing
  • Social Media and Blog Posts
  • Website Content

Kay also in an advocate of Canva and how you can use this fabulous program in your business

With 15+ years of being an Entrepreneur and a full understanding of how business works Kay is eager to have you join her in showing you how to do social better!


About Shalini Nandan-Singh

Lawyer, Contract Specialist, Speaker & Advocate for Women in

Drawing on more than 15 years’ experience as a lawyer and a woman in business, Shalini Nandan-Singh helps Australian service-based entrepreneurs protect their businesses and
their bottom lines with empowered legal advice and contracts.

Her keen insight into the nuances and practicalities of law as a tool for protecting and empowering women in business have seen her engaged as a speaker for digital and live events, presenting to both Australian and international audiences.

Encouraging listeners to #loveyourlegals, Shalini has presented at numerous small business development events, workshops, podcasts and summits. This includes hosting a workshop as part of Queensland’s Small Business Week and another for an international business retreat, The Excellence Collective. A regular guest mentor in a number of high-profile masterminds, Shalini is an engaging and informed presenter who firmly believes that business legals should be an authentic extension of any business. Her goal is to educate audiences that, rather than confusing legalese, business legals should be designed to create positive business boundaries that drive client relationships founded on compassion and understanding.

Stevie International Business Award 2019
Stevie International Business Award People’s Choice 2019

Social Influence Snapshot: Facebook: 1300+ followers Instagram: 730+ followers YouTube: 721 views Facebook: 9.3K video views

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About Krystle Divertie

Smart System Coach

Systems form the foundation of your business, essentially, they are your Business DNA, “the systematic and process-driven material present in all of your business operations to provide structure, convey vital information and replicate your passion whilst enabling continual growth of your business.”

What does having smart systems look and feel like for your business?

Krystle Divertie is the Organisation Queen that approaches systems and processes with passion, lists and outrageous organisation (hence the title).

For 15 years, her depth of knowledge and experience has helped many businesses (nationally and internationally) to discover and promote internal structure, create foundations and document business processes that innovate efficiency and transform their business for growth.

Krystle is a qualified ISO Quality Systems auditor with a degree in Science and Education.  She is passionate about inspiring small business owners like you to understand systems are part of your entire life, not just your business.

No matter what stage of your business journey you are in, having smart systems can support you to focus more on progress and less on process.

Smart systems ultimately help your business to succeed.


About Brittany Baldwin

Sales & Marketing


Brittany Baldwin has a simple philosophy. She aspires to inspire before she expires.
This woman on a mission is devoted to bringing simplicity to sales so that business leaders can find their hidden profit.
Working closely with corporate clients through to small business owners, Brittany helps identify gaps in their current sales approach, then empowers them with key systems and foundations to drive an immediate uplift in sales conversions.
Brittany is as dynamic as she is experienced. During her school years, Brittany achieved a national title for equestrian and launched her career in the film industry as a qualified stunt woman.
The fundamental skillsets from her time as a professional athlete were applied to Brittany’s approach to business. Hard work, perseverance and a high level of passion are the core ingredients for success and Brittany proved this with her rise and rise in the sales world.
With sales records in excess of $115 million, sales is Brittany’s second language.