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The Hot & Healthy Academy offers Affordable Training & Coaching, learn from qualified coaches, trainers and experts.  Successfully start, run and grow a small business without burning out.

Now is your time to SHINE!

Live coaching calls with qualified coaches, weekly training modules, mini business courses and more…

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“We believe business should build you, not break you. Everyone deserves to know the secrets to health and success. Now is the time for women to shine. We support the mental, physical and financial health of women in small business with a business-owner centric approach, not a business-centric approach.”

Nicole van Hattem

Meet our coaches 


The Hot & Healthy Academy is led by Nicole van Hattem, CEO and Founder of Hot and Healthy Global. A leader in the field of anti-burnout and personal sustainability strategies for female business owners, and a regular in the media on topics related to building resilience and redefining success, Nicole has been featured live on Al Jazeera TV (with over 50 million viewers), on the cover of Holistic Bliss, in Woman Today and a wealth of online publications.

Nicole’s mission is to help you achieve success in business, mind & body without burning out.

Academy members can ask questions and get feedback in regular Q&A sessions on our Facebook Community Group with Nicole and our team of talented coaches and educators.

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Craig Scott

Craig Scott

Mental Health Coach

“Success! What is it? What Defines it?

Success is a state of mind.

Whether you feel successful or not is determined by what your beliefs about success are.

Most of us have never taken the time to even investigate what our definition of success is!

When we do, we often find they are not even our own definitions, but just our expectations, given to us from societal, parental and environmental conditioning.

And yet, we let these conditioned beliefs determine how we feel about ourselves and life.

Take the time to have a look at this you might be surprised by what you find.

If your not sure how to do this drop us a line here and we can work it out together”

With nearly 20 years in the field of health and wellbeing, Craig Scott studied Naturopathy and has a degree in Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture and Oriental Psychology with a passion for the scientific approach to investigation and enquiry.

For 10 years Craig worked in a health retreat on the Sunshine Coast, Qld which focused on the treatment of clients with stress, anxiety and depression as well as drug and alcohol addiction, whereas the Senior Coach, and Coach Trainer he helped write the Coaching Programs and Training Programs and is a qualified Master NLP Practitioner.

Currently working in mental health dealing with Autism, intellectual disability and schizophrenia, whilst studying for his second degree in Psychological Sciences at Deakin University, proud father of two Craig is also writing his first book “a Dose of my own Medicine” as a health and wellbeing “how-to” guide to inspire others on their journey.

Renee Bailey

Renee Bailey

Nutrition Coach

“There is no one big thing that gives you instant better health! Little choices made, each minute of each day, all added up to a healthy cycle of life!”

Health is not a goal; it is a lifelong journey.

Whether you feel healthy or not is determined by what you do daily, every decision is either moving you towards health or away from health.

Most of us have been looking for a quick fix, something you can do once and get instant results. That is not what health is, it is small decisions, made often, over the long term that make a massive difference.

If you’re not sure where to start, I am happy to walk beside you and guide you on your journey.”

Renee has over 15 years’ experience in health and wellbeing and is completing a Bachelor of Health Science (Clinical Nutrition), has worked for 3 years as a counsellor with Lifeline Australia and is the co-owner of The Ashgrove Spinal Centre, a chiropractic health clinic in Brisbane, for 15 years.

Renee is also the owner and founder of Homegrown – Gourmet, Harvest, Gardens and she wants to change the way we, grow, shop, cook and think about food, health and wellness.

She is a qualified Permaculture Design Consultant, self-taught cook, sustainable food advocate and entrepreneur. Renee is passionate about you and how you interact and connect with your food and the environment, she wants to provide the tools and empower you to take control of your health and wellbeing for life!

Renee is a regular expert contributor to magazines and business groups and sits on various boards including: Edmund Rice Education, Northey Street City Farm, Permaculture Australia, and The Australian Cricket Society (as Secretary).